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Once you make an appointment, you’ll have 24 hours (1 day) to cancel it and make a new appointment or you will be charged for not canceling within 24 hours (1 day) prior to your appointment.
Once you make an appointment, you’ll have 24 hours (1 day) to cancel it and make a new appointment or you will be charged for not canceling within 24 hours (1 day) prior to your appointment.

Expert Gum Treatment at Hands-On Dental

Gum treatment, also known as periodontal treatment, is a specialized dental service aimed at restoring and maintaining the health of your gums. At Hands-On Dental, our gum treatment services are comprehensive and tailored to your needs. We offer procedures such as scaling, root planing, and surgery to address gum disease and inflammation effectively. Our personalized approach ensures improved oral health, prevention of tooth loss, and enhanced aesthetics. What makes us unique is our commitment to gentle and effective treatment, prioritizing patient comfort and providing thorough aftercare support. Experience exceptional gum treatment at Hands-On Dental. Schedule your consultation today for a healthier smile.

Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath, especially one that’s persistent can be humiliating, frustrating, and disappointing, yet it doesn’t need to be a permanent problem. At Hands-On Dental, we offer effective bad breath treatments to address the underlying causes of halitosis. Our talented dental experts conduct thorough evaluations to identify any oral health problems adding to bad breath, like gum disease or cavities. With customized treatment plans and proactive oral hygiene direction, we strive to eliminate bad breath and restore your trust in your joyous smile.

Dental Fillings

When decay compromises the structure of your teeth, dental fillings are essential for restoring strength and functionality. At Hands-On Dental, our dental filling cost is reasonable and we provide high-quality dental filling services using durable and aesthetically pleasing materials, specializing in pediatric dental fillings. 

Whether you require a filling for a new cavity or need to replace an old filling, our skilled dentists ensure precise placement and a comfortable experience. With our attention to detail and commitment to patient satisfaction, you can trust us to protect and preserve your dental health for years to come.

Denture Repair

If your dentures become damaged or ill-fitting, it can disrupt your daily life and affect your confidence in your smile. At Hands-On Dental, we offer prompt and reliable denture repair services that include broken denture repair and partial denture repair to address a wide range of issues, from cracked prosthetics to broken clasps. Our experienced technicians utilize advanced techniques and materials to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your dentures efficiently. Our denture repair cost is reasonable, we value your financial budget, as we believe in long term commitment. Whether you need minor adjustments or major repairs, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction throughout the repair process.

Root Canals

Throbbing toothache making you reach for painkillers? If the pulp inside your tooth becomes inflamed or infected, a root canal procedure may be the best answer to save the tooth and get you once again smiling pain-free.
At Hands-On Dental, we are well aware that root canals can sound frightening, particularly for children. That is the reason our expert endodontists specialize in performing efficient and gentle root canals, especially including children’s root canals.

We use advanced equipment and methods to:

Eliminate infected tissue: This stops the source of the pain.
Sanitization of the root canal: This prevents further infection in the pulp.
Seal the tooth: This protects the tooth and promotes healing.

Our attention is on the patient’s solace, making the root canal procedure as smooth and seamless as possible.
Schedule an appointment today at Hands-On Dental and let our endodontic specialists ease your pain and restore your smile’s health!

Cavity Nurturing

Properly treating and preventing cavities is fundamental for keeping up with ideal oral well-being and preventing further dental issues. At Hand-On Dental, we offer complete cavity nurturing services to help patients of any age accomplish and keep up with healthy smiles and oral health. Here we don’t believe in how much a treatment costs, we trust in the prosperity of our clients no matter what. From fluoride treatments to dental sealants, our preventive measures are intended to fortify enamel and protect teeth from decay. If cavities do happen, our talented dental specialists give delicate and powerful treatment options, for example, tooth-colored fillings, to restore the well-being of your teeth.

Dental Crown

Life happens, and sometimes teeth get chipped or cracked. Don’t let a broken grin hold you back! At Hands-On Dental, we have expertise in dental crowns, the perfect solution for restoring both the excellence and function of your teeth.

Our Mastery in Crowns:

Fixing Broken Crowns: We can replace broken crowns with natural-looking ones.
Ceramic Dental Crowns: Searching for an enduring, excellent solution? We offer top-tier ceramic dental crowns for remarkable aesthetics and durability.

What makes Hands-On Dental Different:

Our team of experts uses exact measurements and advanced techniques to guarantee a comfortable fit for each crown. The result? We successfully blend the dental crowns with your regular teeth, restoring not just the function but also the aesthetics of your smile.

Dental Pulp

The dental pulp, an essential living tissue inside teeth, can at times become infected or harmed, prompting discomfort and potential tooth damage. At Hands-On Dental, our talented endodontists have considerable authority in diagnosing and treating these issues using advanced techniques, for example, dental pulp vitality tests and evaluations for dental pulp calcification. These tests definitively evaluate pulp health and help in deciding the best course of treatment. If needed, we provide root canal therapy, a procedure that removes infected or inflamed pulp tissue, purifies the root canal system, and seals the tooth to prevent further infection. Our emphasis is on preserving your natural teeth and restoring oral health with negligible inconvenience.

Periodontal Consideration

Gums play an essential part in keeping a healthy and sound grin, yet gum disease can fundamentally influence oral well-being. At Hands-On Dental, our team of experienced periodontal treatment dental specialists is devoted to guaranteeing the health and brightness of your grin. We provide a wide range of treatments, including proficient cleanings to remove plaque and tartar buildup, preventing gum illness, and non-surgical periodontal therapy to address early gum disease and prevent its progression. Our talented dental hygienists and periodontists team up to make customized treatment plans tailored to your particular necessities. Through patient education, we empower you to take control of your gum health and prevent future issues, including tooth loss associated with untreated periodontal conditions.


Damaged teeth don’t have to spell disaster for your smile! Here at Hand-On Dental, we use dental fillings, otherwise called stuffing, to restore the health and functionality of your teeth. This common procedure addresses cavities and prevents decay from spreading further.


Our talented dentists are pros at placing fillings using the most recent techniques and materials. This guarantees a secure and long-lasting repair that blends consistently with your natural teeth for a beautiful smile. We offer different filling choices, including tooth-colored fillings for a natural look.


Whether you need a new filling or a replacement, Hands-On Dental gives gentle and effective care tailored to your particular requirements. 

Schedule an appointment today and let our team restore your smile’s health and beauty!

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